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Hi there


I'm really interested in doing a semester abroad at a university or college in the USA or UK. I'm from South Africa and I attend the University of Cape Town (more specifically the UCT School of Dance).


I need to find a college/uni that offers ballet and contemporary (both of a high standard) as well as musicology, dance history, and art history in order for my credits to be transferable toward my degree. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could recommend a college or university that fulfills the afore mentioned requirements, so that I can start sending applications in, etc.


Thanks in advanced.

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You should look into the University of Oklahoma, University of Utah, Indiana University, University of Arizona, Butler University, and Southern Methodist University. Good Luck!

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At my university we generally only allow undergraduates to go on exchanges which we organise. This way we vet the standards of the courses they take in the partner institution, and we arrange -- via institution level agreements -- reciprocal fee arrangements, accommodation, and so on. So why not check with your own university's International Office?


For the kind of programme you outline in your post, in the UK you'd probably be looking at what we call a 'conservatoire' -- such as Laban, The Place, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and so on.

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I second Redbookish's post. Most programs in the UK and also the US have formal arrangements for undergraduates. My alma mater, The Place, has formal arrangements with U of Hawaii (Manoa), SUNY Purchase, and CalArts, but only a few selected students (3rd year/seniors) go on an exchange (the partner institution will send a student to The Place).


My best advice is to to to the International Office of your institution. While there might not be formal arrangements with a dance program, they will be able to recommend you to programs/schools where your credit will transfer.

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Check out the State University of New York campuses. They have a wide variety of mutual agreements and I believe SUNY at Purchase has a good dance program.

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