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What does this mean?


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My daughter received her year-end evaluation today and both her ballet and jazz teacher said something that we don't understand. The ballet teacher said that she needs to work on "efficient use of arms". Can you explain what that means? The jazz teacher also commented that she can see DD working to "process the information and make her dancing more efficient". I've never see "efficient" used to describe dancing. Does it mean she does steps in a round about way - ?


Thanks in advance.

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I use the term "efficient movement" to describe ballet in many ways, because ballet is about efficient movement. Once one is set up, i.e. in proper ballet stance with legs rotated, poise achieved, it becomes about pathways and not taking the scenic route!Let's take arms for example:


Dancer is standing with arms in Cecchetti 3rd arabesque (aerial view): l / (very roughly).

Teacher has said that the arms need to then go to first (aeriel view): (), then open to seconde (aerial view): < > (really difficult to do this via a keyboard!).


An efficient usage of movement would be to move both arms at the same pace in as straight a path as possible to the next position. Sometimes, kids will maybe drop the arms past the position, and then come back to it, akin to taking a wrong turn and having to turn around!


The only way to know for sure if that is what is meant by that particular comment would be to have a conference with the teachers. Call and simply say that your dd really wants to fix the problems, but she's not quite sure what some of the eval meant, so she is hoping for some clarification so she can make the adjustments. :thumbsup:

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Thanks so much Clara 76! I read your message to DD and she agreed that sometimes she does take her arms though multiple positions to arrive where needed. She said that was because the arm "pathway" was drilled into them at her last pre-pro school (we recently moved and changed schools) and she sometimes still follows that even when its not called for in the combination. I'll see if I can get more information from the teachers, though; it would be nice to be sure of what they meant.

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