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I'm about to start taking dance classes

single dad

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Hi Everyone


My son started dancing 2 years ago, and to get him to agree to take dance I expounded on the fitness, flexibility, stamina, and balance benifits of dance, he finally agreed and now he loves dance.


It seems my words are coming back to haunt me :thumbsup: lol


I was recently diagnosed with some medical issues, nothing immediatly serious, and nothing that can't be dealt with through weight loss and exercise.


So my son who is now 13 and apparantly much smarter than me (in his opnion anyway lol) has found out about my medical issues which I hadn't discussed with him in an effort not to worry him, I adopted him when he was 7 and I am all he has so he takes any even slightly negitive news about my health very badly, when he found out that I have type 2 diabetis, bad chlorestrol, and borderline high blood pressure, he got very upset. And now he is using my words from 2 years ago to get me to take a dance class.


I don't see as I really have a choice, he is very insistant about me getting more active, and improving my health. I have found a class for adults that is once a week and I will be starting in the fall, 2 reasons why I'll be starting in the fall are; 1 the class doesn't offically begin till september, and 2 I am in the Canadian Navy and I am currently at sea and won't be home till late October lol. since this dance class is only once a week I also plan on taking a pliates class and going back to karate, and while I am at sea I am working out everyday in our gym.


My son is happier now that I have agreed to take an adult ballet class and the other things as well, and he is happy that I am more active now in general, but I have to admit that I am very nervous about taking a ballet class, lol I am 45 overweight and not in great shape at all lol I guess I will have to work out my fears and just get on with things when I get home in the fall, and yea I guess the tights worry me as well lol


I am not expecting anything out of my upcoming dance experience other then improved health and a calmer home life lol I know I am not looking for ANY preformance oppturnities, if people at work found out about me taking dance I would get ribbed about it pretty badly to say the least lol


Thanks for listening to me and I will let you know how it goes

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Welcome aboard, guy. You have a smart kid!


I was 56 and a desk jockey when I started, and there are many other late starters here. There are also some really great professional dancers, and everything in between. This is a very helpful community. Do a bit of exploring in the archives and you'll find answers to many of your questions.


Just a note; I found that, in addition to exercise, a change of diet made a big difference in my numbers which were similar to yours (BP, cholesterol, lipids, "metabolic syndrome" aka pre-Type 2). It's my understanding that people respond very differently to diet so I won't recommend my diet or any other particular one, but I will encourage you to find a competent and up-to-date nutritionist.

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Oh yes I have had a major diet change in the past 6 months, being in the Military I have a whole battery of doctors and specialists working on me. lol I can't even count all the doctors nurses and other specialists I have seen in the last 6 months.


But for me anyway they all tell me that the single most important thing that I can do to improve my health is to loose weight and generally increase my physical activity, they say if I do these things then I can probably come off most of the medications I am currently on.


My son is very happy I have agreed to take up dance and he is glad I will be doing pilates and karate as well, he made me promise I would start dancing when I get back from this deployment, so now i really have no choice lol



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