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Variation: Etudes


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First, let me link you to the variation in question



The variation begins at 00:50 and ends at about 1:50. The question I have, should anyone be familiar, is about the timing at the very end of it. Is the main guy's last jump NOT supposed to be on the big crash in the music when everyone stands up? In the video, the guy jumps about four counts early of the crash (the music's crescendo is 12 counts and the big crash is on the "1" after that. He jumps on the 8). I can see how it could go either way, but since he jumps on the 8 it makes me think he forgot that the crescendo is 12 counts instead of 8. I wanted to be sure which way is "correct". Thanks for any insight!

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I am sorry, I do not give personal experience to this ballet. I have seen it performed a few times, and it is quite stunning!!!

The Ballet Master in me says that the jete on 8, instead of 12, is correct.


check here:


Notice, the conductor actually slows the crescendo for the dancer to get off stage before the next pas de deux begins. If I were directing rehearsals for this, I would definitely want that soloist off the stage by the time that the new group/section started - just makes sense visually (especially since everyone stands on the new 1).

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