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I need an off the peg, soft flowing romantic style shirt that would be suitable for a traditional boy prince role.

Something white, light weight with full flowing sleeves and gathering across the chest that could either be tucked into ballet tights or gathered together with a sash?

Most dance outfitters and costume suppliers i have looked up on the internet so far have unitards & tutu's galore but nothing special for boys or men.

Anyone got any recommendations, hopefully regarding UK websites but would consider from abroad too?

Many thanks in anticipation of any help.

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I know this might sound silly but look for stores that sell pirate costumes. A lot of the shirts are perfect for ballet type costumes.

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Do a search on poet shirts - that may be a style that is acceptable. There are some suppliers in the US but not sure about the UK.

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And if you need costumers in the UK, there are a good number of them discussing dance costumes on Sewing Forum UK, they might be able to help.

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Since I was bored I did a search for poet shirts and UK. Sure enough, lots of pirate stores popped up. Gothic stores, too. One interesting site was The Knight Shop International - they have a really nice white shirt. It's based in the UK. There's another one called Spooktakular. These searches might take you to some viable options if you are looking for something quick. A simple poet-style shirt - to fit a smaller boy - shouldn't take too long to make, either. There should be lots of patterns available.

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I know this is a US site but my son had the same issue last year and this is what they ended up wearing this item: Guys' Lace-up Shirt E68A | 0E-C3201:




It comes in both men's and boy's sizes so it helps if there are boys/men in different sizes.


They also have a "Royal Prince" shirt that works as well.


Good luck!

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