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From Sweet Shoes to Death Traps


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Ack - I'm still trying to get over an absolutely awful class last night and all because of my forgetfulness and using old pointe shoes. This time of year, because of the heat and humidity, I try to keep my pointe shoes in the freezer as much as possible. This means I have to remember to remove my shoes from the freezer at work before I head out to class, which, unfortunately, I did not do. I figured no problem, I would just use the old shoes that I carry around in the side pouch of my bag - in case of an emergency. My last recollection of these shoes was they were sweet little shoes that were slightly "dead". Um... WRONG! We have about 45 minutes of pointe after the first 30 or 40 minutes of class. We start out using the barre for about the first 10 minutes of the pointe work, then move to center. After the first 5 minutes at the barre, I figured out these shoes were beyond dead, they have moved to the death trap category and had absolutely NO, NONE, NADA support. The looks I was getting from the other students were priceless! Especially when my ankles started doing the wobble dance as we were bourreeing (sp?) along the barre. I figured the heat might have added to the problem, but needless to say, the shoes came off when it came time to move to center. Anyone else ever have this experience?

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Dancepig, what a question. Of course we have! LOL!


I had one shoe die right in class. Only demis on that foot, pointe on the other. Obviously I wasn't on pointe when I had to use both feet at the same time. *sigh*

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But to have such fond memories, only to find the little buggers have turned on you - that's what hurts :shrug::rolleyes:

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Yes, and it happens so quickly...there's not a lot of time that a shoe is the perfect mix of worn in and still strong.

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The shank of one of my shoes (not even an old pair) snapped very loudly one day :clapping: , dont remember what I was doing but my teacher yelled stay and ran to help me down as she had obviously seen what had happened. The shoes were replaced by the manufacturer and I was told there was a default, but NOBODY has forgotten it.

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Balletlove, the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago! The shank just snapped in the middle of a step. The shoes felt perfect before that, I have no idea what happened. :clapping:

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Niina I took mine back to the shop where I had bought them (about two weeks before) and the lady in the shop was horrified and sent them back to the manufacturer who refunded her and requested that she replace the shoes which she did.


I definitely do not sit in my shoes, my shoes are "dead" when either the vamp starts to break down or I literally go through the bottom of the block (it gets all squidgy on the piece that you stand on on pointe).


I have never been the most confident on pointe too much "fear factor" for me I think and this did not help me at all!

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That would really make me nervous! I had an old pair of Gambas make a sharp snapping sound when I took them out for a trial run (again, trying to use an old pair of shoes that should have been retired), and it startled the heck out of me. Fortunately, I was at the barre and fortunately, it wasn't the shank snapping, just the old glue getting very vocal. I took those shoes off - pronto. The teacher and I were the only two in the studio, and the noise really woke her up! (She was doing paperwork at her desk.)

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I had some Freed Studios that had wings that were murderous on my bunionette region, I gave up on them early on but was in need of backups one day, so figured would suffer through them. I did one demi-pointe in them and crrrunch, box softened up.. they were great for about half that class but they rapidly got to the point of mush :lol:

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