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So i am attending Main Street School of Performing Arts next year and will be taking about 3 hours of dance a day. I will be a freshman and i was wondering about switching to Saint Paul Conservatory of Performing Arts. Any suggestions about which will give me the better instruction? Also i started pointe this year after about a year of taking ballet lessons 3-5 a week for 1 and a half hours. I have a male instructor and when i first started he put me and the other beginner pointe students on pointe for all of barre and to have us warm up in them. A lot of other websites say that you start for about 10 min at the end when you are already warm. We also have a prestigious russian teacher who works with the pre-professional dancers who looked shocked to see us on pointe. Should i look for another studio in the summer for beginner pointe instruction? or should I look into private lessons?


Main Street website


Saint Paul website



My ballet studio website




I have considered going to Minnesota Theatre of Dance but we have gotten a lot of people who have changed schools to mine from there. I also get all A's and I'm in a advanced academic program called international baccalaureate(IB for short). Which Saint Paul has the honors program during junior & senior year which gives you one year of college credit. Dancing is my passion but, so are animals. I'm looking to be a dancer in my prime then going to school for veterinary medicine so i would like a rigorous academic schedule along with ballet. Balancing school and ballet is not a problem for me as I am told i have a natural talent & passion for both.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Chelsea. :D


We cannot make comparisons here, or recommend one school over another. While websites are helpful, we cannot determine from looking at them if one is better than another. It is best for you to visit each school. I would also discuss this with your ballet teacher and/or AD of your ballet school, as they would know more about the academic performing arts schools in your area. I'm assuming that you will be continuing to study at your current school, along with attending the arts high school, is that correct?

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yes, that is what i was planning to do. But, my mom thinks i will not need my studio if I'm taking at school so we've been arguing about that. My teacher knows the principle of Main Street because her daughter took at my studio but, he's never heard of Saint Paul before.

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Perhaps your teacher needs to explain to your Mom that the training in the high school is not quite the same as in the ballet school, and it cannot take the place of your regular classes.


Chelsea, I would like to ask you to please use upper case letters to start sentences, for the letter "I", and anywhere else it is needed. We try very hard to get everyone to write as correctly as possible here, and no "text writing" allowed! Thank you! :grinning:

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