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Articles: Dance Magazine Race Issue

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Considering the various discussions we've had here about race/ethnicity/identity and ballet, I thought I'd let everyone know that the new July 2010 Dance Magazine is another Race Issue. Considering that I though their previous Race Issue was great, I am hoping this one is too (I just picked it up when I was out running errands, haven't read it yet...). I thought I'd post this separately so it didn't get lost in one of the multiple threads, but mods, please tell me if you'd like me to repost this elsewhere.

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Thank you ami for this information! I'll be on the lookout.

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This issue of Dance magazine could not have come out at a more timely moment for me. Just this past Saturday, my 10 year old DD was asked by someone who discovered that she is training to be a dancer "Are you going to join Alvin Ailey?" She gets that question alot, along with "Do you do hip hop?" We joke about it because while we see Ailey every year, DD is exclusively ballet and does not want to change. Granted, she is still young and could change her mind. Or not. As a parent, I'm very encouraged to hear about the increasing opportunities for dancers and choreographers of all racial/ethnic backgrounds. I think ballet is probably changing more slowly than some of the other dance forms, but I have seen much progress. I would have never envisioned Misty Copeland or Courtney Lavine at ABT when I was growing up, but I'm glad to see them and the other ballerinas mentioned in the articles as inspiration to my DD.

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Julisha, I do not know if the older issue is still available, but if it is I encourage you to try and find a copy or a transcript of that one as well if you don't have it. I just found my copy the other day and was happy that I gave DD one but had one here at the house for me also. Encourage your daughter that others have heard the "are you going to Ailey" she is not alone in having heard that and all that comes with that question. Most "average joes" do not understand that Ailey is a modern company with a strong ballet base not a Classical Ballet company.

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