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Average height ranges of major US companies

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Arizona Native, thank you for posting the link to the article about Leta Biasucci. I especially enjoyed this portion:


Leta also fights against being typecast in “short girl” roles, so it’s a good thing Stowell looks beyond height when sizing up a dancer. “Physical traits can influence a career,” he says, “but the qualities that have the biggest impact are a good attitude, reliability, taking personal responsibility, making the most of opportunities and being fun to work with. Beyond that, dance big and make things your own. Be irreplaceable!”




What great advice!


Anyone know which Stowell is being quoted, Christopher or Kent?

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We recently met Sara Webb w/Houston Ballet. She was about the same height as my DD. DD is 5'2 3/8

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I wouldn't worry about averages. This is something that is a bit irrelevant since companies offer contracts to dancers as far as their specific needs at the time. There are very tall dancers in PNB, NYC Ballet and ABT. Maria Kotchecova a principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet is 4'11". Misty Copeland, a soloist at ABT is 5'2". There is a beautiful Japanese girl who is a principal at Boston who is 5'1". I believe one of the top five dancers at NYCB, Ashley Bouder is also short in comparison to the other principals at NYCB.

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Does anyone know how tall most of the dancers at SFB are? As in do they tend to look for taller and longer dancers or shorter and athletic dancers?

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I'm curious to know this, too. Thanks for asking the question. I'm actually wondering about companies/schools for taller girls.

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My daughter is 5'7 and being told she is too tall.. She contacted a few companies and most would not give out height information.

Ballet Austin II said generally between 5'3 to around 5'6 or 5'7

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Sometimes you can look up the corps members and then do some research on those dancers. If you can look at pictures, you can then "google" a specific dancers height. Sometimes you'll find it, sometimes not. Ballet West has tall girls. Of course PNB, ABT, NYCB all have tall girls. Then contemporary ballet companies - Lines comes to mind. Don't be discouraged - or I guess better put - encourage your dd with info and pics of tall dancers and how lovely they can be. Maria Kowroski, Drew Jacoby, Haley Henderson Smith to name a few.

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Thanks, she new about PNB but not the rest. She usually checks the dancers training but never thought to research a specific dancers height.

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For company audition purposes, you should check the link provided in Post #33 above for discussion on that particular issue.

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