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Has anyone heard of a company called Stroganoff?


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I have a photo of my first dance teacher taken in 1929, printed in The Dancing Times of that date. The caption under the photo gives her name and states:


"She danced five years with Madame Pavlova's Company and has now joined the Stroganoff Company"


I have tried to find out anything about the Stroganoff company without any success at all.


Can anyone help?

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Hi Merry


The only reference I have ever heard about this was in a series of books in which they refer to the Vladimir Stroganoff Ballet Company.

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Hello Balletlove!


Aren't those books fiction, or have I misinterpreted my Google results!?

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Yes Merry, I think that you are 100% correct and that they are fiction.


However, try Straganov in your search, there is definitely some link between the Stragnoff/Straganov Palace and ballet, I just havent worked it out yet

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The Stroganov family was an extremely wealthy and influential one in Russia. At the Revolution, they fought with the Whites, then emigrated west. I don't know right now about a direct connection with ballet, but they were very generous patrons of the arts, with current leading branches being today in New York and Germany.

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Thank you - I will adjust my spelling!


I don't know why I imagined The Dancing Times would have the correct spelling as most British Newspapers and periodicals of the time didn't worry too much about how to spell 'foreign' names, so there's no reason the DT should be any different!

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It's not a wrong spelling, it's just the French way of transliterating Cyrillic, like Nureyev being spelled "Noureev".

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Thank you Mr Johnson. (Still haven't found anything!)

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Tasty on a cold night with a side of rice. ... Did the dish originate from the russian family name?

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Yes. The earliest recipe for the dish dates from 1861. Which Stroganov was intended to be memorialized is unclear, although it may be Alexander, a cabinet minister, or Pavel, a general.

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