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Too much class?


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I've talked here before about my back problems, and my sciatic nerve problems.....and my sciatica had been doing really well....


I was recently hired on as an assistant to the ballet teacher at my studio. My class time shot up from 4 hours a week to 8 hours a week. I was doing really well, but the first weekend after my classes, my sciatica started acting up again. It's gotten progressively worse over the past couple weeks.


I talked to my "doctor" (aka, my sister in law who's a physician) and she's worried that it's too much class time. I don't know if cutting back or pushing through is the answer. Suggestions? Will the pain fade with time, or completely cripple me?


The extra classes are literally paying for my dance education...

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So as the "assistant" are you the one that has to demonstrate everything in class? I was going to suggest having a student demonstrate, but I guess if you are the "assistant" that's your job? Is your sister in law a sports medicine doctor? In general rest is going to help any injury, but maybe you should get a second opinion about it. If you are planning to work as a dancer and a dance instructor you should probably get a real assessment of the problem and how much you can reasonably do and if there is any PT or another remedies that can help. Pushing through could make the problem even worse and have long lasting effects detrimental to your career.

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I demonstrate, yes. Mostly for the younger classes - age 6 to 12. And then I have my own class afterward.


I don't have a dance career to speak of. (AKA never gonna happen). I dance because I enjoy it and it's physical therapy for my back. (Oddly enough. :sweating: )


Sister in law is a general physician. Sports doctor would tell me to stop dancing, because Harrington Rod Systems scare people. As I have already fought with three doctors over the benefits of dancing as compared to not dancing, I'd rather not pick a fight I've already heard. (Well, THAT was cynical....sorry... :shrug: )


The pain is just basically painful. It doesn't inhibit me from actually moving.

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