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Jaundiced July

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I'm feeling sicker today, again. I think my husband and I are cross-infecting each other. Our doctor is also awaiting test results to see if my husband has a particularly virulent strain of flu and I might have that. But I think it's more likely that a viral infection has become a bacterial one and if I'm not better by tomorrow, I will see my doctor. I've been sick for too long now!


My balance was off today because my ears are a bit blocked and my adage must have been quite hilarious to watch! Just you try doing grand rond de jambes en l'air without being able to balance! tongue.gif

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My balance was off today because my ears are a bit blocked and my adage must have been quite hilarious to watch! Just you try doing grand rond de jambes en l'air without being able to balance! tongue.gif


Been there, tried to do adage with blocked ears it is NOT fun although it must be quite amusing to watch!


Look after yourself Lau!

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I have that problem WITHOUT the ears being blocked. I must look like a drunken sailor when that happens...

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I quite often look like a drunken sailor in class, I think, anyway, but at least today I had a reasonable excuse :thumbsup:

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Lau, have you spent any time off? You need to take a few days and rest in bed. Going to class when sick does not help you get better.


My negative is that I banged my shin against the bed and now I have a bruise on my leg!!! At least it's not hurting anymore.

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Agreed on the rest, but I'm glad you're going to be seeing a doc soon Lau, shouldn't be getting worse at this stage for sure. Something that lingers for a long time can turn serious if not on top of it..

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Thank you for your concern. Yes, I have been resting - early last week/late the week before, I took 6 days completely off and quite a number of those days were spent in bed. I felt much better then, but that was just when my husband began to get sick and I think my immune system wasn't strong enough to fight off his bug too. Then this last weekend I took 3 days off. Now I have a break from classes till Monday...Hopefully I will be better then. I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow morning.


The reason I'm so desperate to keep going to classes is because we are preparing for our Intermediate exam (in August/September) so I need to work on the syllabus work but also because these classes were especially organised during the holidays for myself and another student (the only Intermediate exam candidates).

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I have bronchitis, sinusitis and a bad case of strep throat. I'm not allowed to attend ballet classes until Wednesday next week at the earliest :clapping: So much for these holidays being for improving strength, endurance and stamina and improving my knowledge and technique in the Intermediate syllabus...

At least now I know what's wrong and have antibiotics so I should be on the road to recovery.


And some other good news is that my husband does not have the H1N1 virus (swine flu) which our doctor suspected, and so it's very unlikely I have it either (plus I'm not exhibiting enough symptoms), although my test results will only come back early next week.

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At least you know what it is now.

You can still work on ballet by watching videos, reading books and visualizing in your mind--all of which you can do from your comfy bed!

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What bad luck, Lau, to be ill just when you wanted to work more intensively for the exam. But do take your time - it's important to be well and not let it drag on.


I had an awful class today - I felt totally geriatric! First, I think I'm suffering from anti-climax and exhaution following our recital on wednesday and second there was no music! The pianist is on holiday and no-one bothered to prepare recorded music - not the teacher nor the school. I cannot, cannot dance without music - just no way! I barely got warmed up and could hardly lift my feet from the ground, even though I tried my hardest to get lift-off! I couldn't wait for the class to end, to get my coffee............

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Thank you both for your good wishes. I've let this illness linger on for too long now already, and I must admit I'll never trust my husband's advice to avoid the doctor "unless you have a fever" again. My doctor said there are plenty of reasons to visit the doctor and I still don't have a fever! She said if I'd left it much longer I probably would have ended up in hospital. If it hadn't been for my husband's opinion, I'd have gone to the doctor early last week or the week before that! No dear, I wasn't just being a drama queen! :thumbsup:


Yes, I intend to do some perusing of ballet books etc in the next few days, once my brain clears a bit!


Hamorah - a class without music? :clapping: No wonder you couldn't get into it! Enjoy your coffee and remember it wasn't an ordinary class. Hopefully you'll have more energy next week and remember it's fine to be tired after a busy year and recital!

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Lau, sorry to hear that you are still sick! Maybe you can work on something else, for now? My teacher has a theory that we have better port de bras when we are sick because it would not feel so synchronized.... Feel better! :clapping:

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What a good idea, Ballet Bunnie! :clapping: Port de bras is something I really need to work on, especially because hands and wrists are letting me down.

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Lau, I hope you feel better soon! You've been ill for long enough now!


My dance camp-thingy starts tomorrow, and I already know it's going to HURT. :clapping: Haven't danced or stretched in a month, and now I'm having 3 1.5 hour classes a day for 10 days! And it includes a Pilates class, and my abs are practically non-existent..


Ah well, I'll learn a lot (I hope) :thumbsup:


edit: I forgot to mention we're in a heat wave here right now! :thumbsup:

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