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Jolly July

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Okay, I'll admit I got my dictionary out to try and find some new alliterative words for July...but "Jolly July" sounded so much better than "Jocund July" so I went with the simple one :(

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Jolly July sounds great! :thumbsup:


I had a great pointe class yesterday. I don't know what happened but I didn't have any trouble at all when balancing in the center! Let's hope it wasn't just a one time thing... My pirouettes have also improved tremendously this year, maybe there is a triple in my future.

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I like it. :-)


I have several reasons to be Jolly, my first performance en pointe was last weekend and went amazingly well! I made it through 5 performances in 2 days, and managed to have a perfectly broken in, supportive pair of shoes the entire time. I was trying to time their slow death and I think I succeeded. Also, I'm taking some vacation next week to visit NYC, and grabbed a ticket to see Paloma Herrera with ABT in Romeo and Juliet! If I can squeeze in a class at Steps or Broadway dance center I'll be in heaven.

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Thanks. I'm glad you like the name :wacko:


loohoo - I'm SO jealous right now. Of going to see the ABT performance but also of the fact that you managed to time the slow death of your pointe shoes so well! :grinning: Well done on your performances :thumbsup:

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If I can squeeze in a class at Steps or Broadway dance center I'll be in heaven.


I just took a class at the Broadway Dance Center with Finis Jhung a couple of weeks ago, when I was visiting NYC! It was challenging, but great! :clapping:

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Loohoo, Niina- congratulations! :)


Je suis Aimee: I'm jealous! I love the Finis Jhung videos and would LOVE to have the opportunity to take a class with him. I hope you made the best of every second of your experience!!! :)

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I had such a good class yesterday. It was slow (a beginner class) but the teacher could see me working on alignment and having trouble finding the right spot. Without a word, she came and pushed and prodded me into what I would assume is the right place. I just wish I could FEEL it and REMEMBER the feeling consistently. It was lovely to get corrections! :-)

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Serendipity, one of those times you wish for a snapshot from all angles and somehow one of the inside too! :)


Had a pretty good class yesterday despite the sticky heat. Since I expend so much energy in the heat and lose so much water, it makes such a huge difference when I'm hydrated and eaten enough before class. I am determined to get up earlier before I leave to get some liquids and something in my belly this weekend so I don't fall apart (or be so cranky :))! Came home last night and one knee was really crunching on the way up the stairs and was getting a sharp pain in foot/ankle, but thankfully it didn't linger.

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Thank you Lau!!


Je Suis Aimee I was looking at that class, I heard the evening classes get really crowded, did you have trouble getting in? How early did you show up? Thank you!


Sellen I couldn't agree more about the pre-hydration, I do so much better in class in the evenings when I remember to drink plenty of water during the day.

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loohoo44, yeah I'm accustomed to classes in the evening so have always been good about drinking enough during the day, it's just part of my workday routine. It's been many years since I've had weekend morning classes, quite a shock to the system. Back years ago I guess I handled it better, but last weekend was awful. I had zero energy, asthma started kicking up because I was so exhausted.. it was miserable. No caffeine probably didn't help either, ahem. This weekend will be different!

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I took a class with Finis Jhung at Alvin Ailey a few months ago. He teaches there on Sundays. I liked the class (very different from my regular classes) and I've learned a lot from watching a couple of his videos too. He really breaks it down in the videos. There were about 30-40 people in the class I took but the studio was huge and could easily accommodate everyone.


I'm also going to take a class at Broadway Dance Center when I'm in NYC next week and will be going to see R&J at ABT, but not with Paloma Herrera.


I've found too that I do better if I eat something about an hour before class. A hamburger with no bun (that I make at home from REAL meat) usually does it for me. For hydration I've been getting the Crystal Light electrolyte packs to add to my water and that has helped me a lot. I always drank a lot of water but I think I was missing the electrolytes--I work outside 3-4 days a week so I'm really sweating and exposed to heat a LOT, on top of dance classes (and sweating there).

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Woohoo, plan caffeine-and-cereal was a success! I had more energy and endurance than most evening classes. The heat was pretty oppressive again, but the fans kept the air moving which was good, kept it tolerable. Overall, it was a win. Nice to not be wobbling due to fatigue/heat by the center. Had some petit allegro that I didn't realize was petit first time through due to the speed and it was a big ugly mess, but once I scaled it down second time through it was pretty clean which is always satisfying. But when I see pas de chat, I want to go big :ermm:

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Had a great class today - thanks Je Suis Aimee for suggesting the studio! :-)


Great workout, challenging but nothing beyond my ability, so far! And it's nice to have a class on Saturday that doesn't start at the crack of dawn.... LOL!


I'm SOOO jealous of all of you who can take class with Finis Jungh. I haven't really looked closely at his videos that I have as yet. I'm planning to, after seeing a certain someone and her progress in such a short time! <wink and nod>

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Had a lovely ballet class earlier today. At least 50% of my enjoyment must come down to simply being grateful to be there :grinning: This hasn't been a very good week for me & ballet - been especially stressed & busy at work and two nights in a row I blew out my planned ballet class as I had a splitting headache and just didn't feel like it. So I only took one class during the week, on Tuesday, which meant that by this morning I was desperate for class...


Fortunately there's a great class at Danceworks on a Saturday afternoon; I love the teacher, but don't get to attend all that often as Saturdays are often just too busy to spare nearly 3 hours (1.5 class plus travel in & out of town).


But I made it today; we're in a heatwave here in London at the moment and today was about 30 degrees celsius, so the studio was VERY hot... but the teacher assured us this is actually very good for dancing, keeps your muscles nice & warm!


And I did have a good class, balances felt nice & easy and my grand battements were noticeably higher than usual. Adage was good; pirouette exercise (just half pirouettes, this class is properly tailored for beginners - though because of the great teacher some more advanced students do come and take it en pointe - which just adds to the ambience, for me) was particularly good... and I love petit & grand allegro especially. I've been taking a hard time with petit jete and jete, but I think I finally cracked them today. We also did a very cute exercise of pas de chat in a circle - I love pas de chat! - and a grand allegro in a circle too, with tonleves, which I also love.


Thumbs up all round :thumbsup:

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