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Muscle restricting movement


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When I sit on the floor and spread my legs as far as I can, there comes a point where my muscles can pull the leg further, but I get the feeling there's something 'in between' in my hip joint that prevents me from going further. And it hurts a bit.


I've asked my teacher today about this (not my regular teacher!) and she said it's because I lift from the hip. At first I was a bit confused, I thought she said I shouldn't lift out of my hips anymore, lol! But of course she meant lifting the leg from the hip. This issue has been adressed in my regular class and now I know the feeling of lifting my legs the right way, and usually I manage to do it correctly. But sometimes, when a heavy combination comes after a few other combinations ... :thumbsup: But this is improving. :grinning:

She told me that the muscle to lift from the hip has become bigger and this can restrict the movement in the hip.



So I asked her what I should do about it, and she said it takes time for the muscle that's in the way to un-build.

But now I'm thinking, I noticed this problem three years ago when I re-started ballet (and yoga). So that must mean I built up the muscle in the period I didn't do ballet or anything. So I was wondering, could anyone identify the muscle my teacher meant? (I'm studying to be a PT, I want to know everything about it! :rolleyes: ) And tell me what the muscle does in daily life, that I could try not to do so the muscle would atrophy (well, maybe that's not really the word..) easier?


And could stretching this particular muscle help?


Thank you. :thumbsup:

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The muscles that open your legs are called the abductors, and the muscles that close your legs, the adductors.


The best I can decipher from what your teacher was saying is that you likely have an imbalance between the adductors and abductors. I think she meant that you were previously using your quadriceps more than your hamstrings and glutes to lift the leg. The adductors are difficult to find and frequently weaker for ballet dancers. Balance needs to be made between the muscles all the way around, rather than relying more heavily on one group.


I'm not sure that as a dancer, you would need all the medical terminology because it could cause you to over-analyze, but as a PT, you would need the correct terminology.


Does this same feeling occur when you lay down on your back, and allow your legs to open? When you are sitting up are you turning your legs out at the same time as opening them?

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It doesn't happen when laying down on my back. And it does seem to be worse when I really turn out.


But, that stretching class must've really loosened something up, because yesterday evening when you posted your reply I tried it and didn't feel anything, nor did I during today's stretching class. :o


I do have to say the muscles the teacher pointed at when she explained (right behind the "ball" of the femur you can feel in the upper leg) were a bit stiff today, just like almost all of the others :wink:

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