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My parents can't afford a residency program... help?


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I recently auditioned for the August SI at the Nutmeg conservatory. They accepted me on the spot and said that if I was interested, I could enroll in their full-time residency program for two years in the fall(I just finished my sophomore year of high school.) However, they had already given away all of their scholarships and financial aid. When my mother said that we couldn't afford it, they suggested that I could go to my normal high school and commute there every day like a handful of their local students do. The problem is that we're an hour and a half away without traffic, and the farthest commuting student they have is half that distance away. I get out of school at 2, which is when their first technique class starts, and even if I could convince my school to let me leave at 12:30 (there's an arts school nearby that about 20 students attend, and they leave at 12:30 every day to go there) that would leave me with no time to do the homework I'm bound to have. It just doesn't seem possible.

And honestly, I don't think my parents really want to send me. I told them that I want to dance professionally, and that I adore it, and that this would be a great opportunity for me. But they always said things like, "Oh, but we'd miss you terribly," and "You know, I had a friend who minored in dance in college. You could just do that." I don't think they get that this is one of the last, if not the last chance for me to get the training I would need to dance ballet professionally. And I know, the economy's in ruin and we probably legitimately can't afford it, but they're both about to buy mid-life crisis-esque brand new convertibles (a Mini Cooper and a Mustang) despite the fact that they both have cars that run perfectly fine. I'm no math wiz, but something seems fishy about that. But honestly, I just want to dance, and I'm feeling crushed that I got this opportunity only to be denied it. I'll keep working with my schedule to see if the commuting thing may work out, because it's considerably cheaper than the full residency, but things aren't looking too good for me right now :wink:

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Tothepointex3, it might not be necessary for you to go to residency if you can get enough training at a good school closer to home. You definitely do not want to go back to the competition school, but you mentioned New Haven Ballet. Don't they have a pre-pro program? If so, check that out. If not, then I would suggest that you try to go to the Arts High School and get out at 12:30. You will not be dancing all the time from 2:00, and there will either be time between classes for homework, or after you get home.


Do not despair until you have thoroughly checked out all the alternatives. :wink:

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