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Very proud mum - just have to share!


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I just have to share that my son is about to become the head boy at his vocational ballet school. I'm so proud of him - he's worked so hard over the last 6 years - rising to the challenge of changing schools, working through injuries and homesickness etc. Just felt I had to come on and have a little "brag" - hope you don't mind!



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How fantastic! No wonder you're so proud, that's certainly worth a little brag. Congratulations and best wishes to him - and his mum, you must be doing a great job :thumbsup:

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congratulations for his success. For those of us who are not familiar with vocational schools, would you please share what this means for him? It is obviously a wonderful opportunity and so glad that you can share with us!

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That's brilliant! I presume they make the decision based not just on typical head boy qualities but also because of his dancing abilities? (I'm guessing as I know you mentioned that a previous head boy has done particularly well.)

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Thanks everyone :thumbsup:


Mumofdancer - I don't think I mentioned the previous head boy :blushing: ...


Anyway - for those of you in the states who might not understand our vocational schools - he's at one of very few schools in the UK where they board full-time (some do go as day pupils) but concentrate on training classical dancers alongside their academic lessons. The lower school is for years 7-11 (age 11-16) and the upper school (or sixth form - daft terminology I know, but years 7-11 used to be 1st to 5th forms... Tring still do it like that) is for the next 2 years, plus a "graduate" year. And because they're all on the same campus they choose the head boy and girl from the second year of sixth form.


Not sure if I've made that any clearer - feel free to ask more questions...!


To be honest, I'm not sure how they choose, but I think they tend to pick students who have been at the lower school and not just joined for sixth form, and they had to apply, explaining why they'd be a good head boy/girl (speaking in public, what they've brought to the school etc). Don't think the dancing has a lot of bearing on the choice, but they're all good of course!!


Anyway - I'm off there tomorrow (well, today now) for the awards morning and final show so I'm off to bed (it's his birthday too and he hasn't been home on his birthday for about 6 years so a special day)


Night all

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That is easier to understand now....so he is, as well as a great all around dancer and student, a public representative of the school! Sort of an ambassador and someone for the younger to look up to.


By the time you return to read this, I hope that you will have enjoyed this special day with your birthday boy!

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Another good thing about "Harry Potter." Us Americans have some idea about what an honor it is to be "head boy"! Congratulations! What a great accomplishment. You should be very proud of his hard work and yours I'm sure in helping him get there with your love and support.

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I love the Harry Potter reference - sadly the schools aren't quite like that! But the system is....


Mind you our Artistic Director sounds just like Professor Snape (fortunately a different disposition!) and the Head reminded me of Professor Umbridge (without the torture!!!!) :offtopic:

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Sorry, Zizza. Must have been someone else, maybe on a different site. I have a feeling I know which school your son is at (maybe you've mentioned it - maybe I've just 'intuited' it; I can't remember) and it was definitely the head boy of that school! My DD is going to one of the other schools, but she was in the frame for this one for a while, which is why I've paid attention!


I hope you enjoyed the awards and presentation. I think it's great that they do this, especially that they give the opportunity to those with children about to start to come along to. I wasn't invited to my DD's future school and I would have loved to go.


Hope you and he have a lovely summer break.

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That's OK and I think we're on the same wave-length - the head boy has now left to join a rather well known company as an apprentice!

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