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Getting the most out of a private class


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I have an amazing opportunity to be able to attend a private class with Maria Vegh tomorrow, are there any suggestions on how to make the best out of this class? She's been a guest instructor at our SI this week and I'm a little (or very) intimidated. She has such a wealth of information and while I'm excited, I'm also a bit nervous. My question is, what do you, as instructors, love about a student's actions when taking a private class?

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A good student is a good student, so there is nothing different about a private class in terms of that. Teachers love students who are there to learn and to work, have a positive attitude, and are not afraid to show that they love to dance! :)


Since you are taking a private lesson with someone who is not your regular teacher and does not know your work as well, it might be helpful to her if you told her some specific things that you feel need work.

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