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Hello there, just wondering how you can assess the qualifications of teachers at various programs? My 15 year old son has been accepted to Boston Ballet year round program. In my research I have been looking at the websites of various schools and looking at the various faculty members. I have noticed that some teachers have received teacher training but others are former professional dancers. It is my humble opinion that a former professional dancer does not a teacher automatically make. What teaching qualifications should I be looking for? I know of Canada's National Ballet School, and I notice that Christopher Hird (from Boston) has received a diploma from there. Where else is reputable??

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Taoofpooh, while you are right in that being a professional dancer does not automatically a teacher make, and there are many who are not great, but there are many who are excellent. The same goes for those with training. Training doesn't automatically do it either. In the case of the preprofessional schools, like Boston for instance, I think you will need to trust the reputation and the record of training dancers. A professional company school is expected to have excellent teachers. Most residency schools, whether company connected or not, also are expected to have excellent teachers. Since these are the kind of schools you are looking for, then I don't think you should be overly concerned about training or professional background of the teachers. They are professional and highly qualified or they would not be there.


If you were looking at local schools, that is a lot more difficult. I believe we have a thread somewhere about what to look for in a good school, which would naturally be primarily based on the teachers. I don't remember where that thread is right now, but I will try to find it.


Editing to add this link: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?...&hl=Finding

It's an older thread, and I did not read through it tonight, but I think it might contain some helpful information.

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Thank you for the information and the perspective. I am assured that our local school is quite professional. I know that it is not "Dolly Dinkle" In order to preserve my son's anonymity I will not disclose it here. My bigger issue in considering other schools is exposure for my son and opportunity for placement in company's if and when the time is appropriate. I will look at the link, thank you again.

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