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Sickled Feet and Bad Turnout


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My teacher just recently told me that I tend to sickle me feet in releve but she won't tell me how to fix it. She also said that me turnout muscles aren't "working". I try and try but neither one of those gets fixed! If I don't fix this soon I won't be moved up to the next level in ballet. Tips and exercises are greatly appreciated!!! PLEASE help!!! :wallbash:

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Pointe24, it is most likely that because your turnout muscles are not working, that is why you are sickling your feet. However, it is your teacher's job to teach you how to work those muscles and to correct the sickle. If she is not doing this, it might be time to look for a new teacher. You cannot learn ballet online. Yes, we can help with technical things here, but if you are not being taught basics like how to use your rotation and how not to sickle your feet, then we cannot help you. There are no tricks or magic exercises because we are talking about basic technique here. You should not be expected to learn it by yourself.


That said, if you have not yet had a lot of training, perhaps it's just that you have not had time yet, or the teacher has not had time yet, to really get to everything that you need in terms of muscle usage. With very young and/or new to ballet students it might take a while for you to fully understand all of these things. :wallbash:

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Thank you for your response. I do need to work on my turn out muscles. My teachers are helping me and I will work very hard to improve.

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