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Intense muscle soreness?


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What should I do when it seems like all the muscles in my body are SO sore?-especially my back (upper and lower) and rib area, and my hamstrings. I need to stretch a lot every day in order to maintain my flexibility (I'm not naturally flexible :wink: ) but it just hurts too much!


Should I just take every other day off, even though it seems counterproductive?

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First, what's your class schedule like? And, second, what's your schedule for stretching - when and for how long? ("a lot every day" is a little too general) I'd first stop the out-of-class stretching, except for that which comes immediately following class.

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I only take three classes a week (I'm not on a pre-pro track), but I am starting pointe soon so then it will be four. I admit to stretching at home, at the end of the day. So I should stop and just stretch after class?


I mostly just do splits or try to stretch my hamstrings a bit because they get really tight.

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Never ever try to do splits without a thorough warmup, as from a class, first! Hamstrings are a bit more forgiving, but the full-body pain you describe might just be from trying to work cold, or it could be something for the doctor to figure out with you. In the meantime, let your teacher see what you're doing in the way of stretches and have her advise you on the correct ways to stretch.

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