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What is prepointe class?


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I thought I would tap the deep well of educated ballet parents here for an answer. My 13 DD will probably be starting on pointe this Fall or next Spring. We are at a small studio and there is no separate "pointe" class. Girls just start wearing pointe shoes when they are deemed ready by the teacher for some barre and some center work gradually over time. But looking at the big city school websites, I see where there are specific "prepointe" classes. How are these classes different from regular class with pointe shoes or pointe class?

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Oh thank you. I did do a search for "prepointe." Forgot the hyphen. Sorry. Thanks for the links.

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Would there be any reason for students, most that have been en pointe for 6+ years, to begin using demi pointe shoes at barre? We've been told that this is going to be a new policy at our school for all students including those that long ago moved on from "pre-pointe" and have daily classes in advanced pointe work. I don't understand the reasoning behind this other than for beginners just starting pointe. My dd thought it would be soft pointe shoes they would be wearing at barre, but I found the link to Freed's demi pointe shoes and I think that is what we're supposed to order. Once again, I'm confused!

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I'm sure the faculty has some reasons for that, but I would ask them. I mean, 6+ years is a long time to be on pointe and go back to pre-pointe shoes for barre. Personally, I don't care for them for that because I think that really learning to articulate the feet well, and get the muscles totally ready for center, soft shoes are better. But, that is just my opinion. I'm sure they will have their differering one to offer! :cool2:

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crazyforballet, I'm not any type of dance teacher; all I know has been learned 'through the ranks' with my DD. :cool2: I haven't a clue as to the appropriate answer to your question. :sleeping:


I would definitely seek counsel from our esteemed Teacher-Moderators on the Board: Victoria Leigh, Vrsfanatic, Clara76, Hans, and Mel Johnson.

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So far the faculty I've heard from and my DD would agree with you. It's great to get your opinions, because I am clueless! I will definitely ask our AD specifically what the reasoning is, hopefully it won't be a general - "everyone needs to get stronger" - because I would think it should be more of an individualized need after this many of years of training, not a general requirement. I need to trust my DD's instincts as well.

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Ok, this is really tangential but I've been wondering about this for months and I don't know where else to ask.


What is an "AD"? I see this abbreviation everywhere and it's meaning nowhere. Anyone?

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AD = artistic director. In the case of the schools, we typically use it to refer to the head of the school.

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