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courrus/bourees en pointe

Guest Matti18

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Guest Matti18

Ok, so this question was asked on another forum and the topic closed, so am trying to get an idea of how to do courrus en pointe, I can do them on demi and can do the movement en pointe, BUT my problem is covering space and the speed at which I travel. At the moment I am crawling across the floor, and it takes a lot of effort. Is this normal, may I be doing something wrong? My teacher hasn't mentioned anything and I can do the movement fine en demi-pointe.


So really my questions are, could it be a strength issue (I am strong en pointe but find centre harder/get tired easier)? Are there any tips on how to improve this en pointe, perhaps a breakdown of the exercise to practice (without barre as I can do the courrus at the barre, it's centre that's the problem if you see what I mean)


Any help would be appreciated and I'd send virtual cookies and cake :shrug:



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Matti, when you do them are your knees flexible, like not locked at all but not in a "plié" either, and are you leading from the back leg, maintaining the 5th position as you travel? If you push down into your feet, you won't get there! Try to feel like you are moving upward all the time, like up a hill, and you have to keep yourself very lifted and the feet moving very quickly, lead by the back leg. If the knees are too stiff, you can't move. The action is kind of like two fingers playing a tremelo on the piano, except that in a bourée the feet are not side by side, but crossed one in front of the other. :shrug:

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