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calamitous, thank you for sharing that. I really admire her tenacity, work ethic, and love of dance. Very inspiring article! It would seem that her family is very supportive, because living in NYC is cost-prohibitive for many young dancers.

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Yes, that's a really great article! Sounds a lot like my own kiddo's life in NYC this past year. I'm glad that the writer really "got" what that life is all about and that there are countless dancers (and singers and actors!) all maintaining schedules that "normal" people can't even fathom. I admire Ms. Gordon and all the others so much.


On a side note, it was fun to read Roman Baca's comments. I've known him for years, ever since he was a ballet student at Nutmeg Ballet. You can't find a nicer guy. :thumbsup:

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I think it's fantastic that the insightful article featured someone who represents the vast majority of dancers out there. She also posts pictures and articles on The Winger ~ well done!

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This article has opened my eyes to what freelance dancers experience! Ms. Gordon's love of dance and performing is truly an inspiration.

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It was a good article. I think she must be quite good to have gotten the Radio City job and those other opportunities and she is so young--on top of it going to college and getting a grad degree too.

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