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After some debate internal and external, I have to put up a sticky telling everybody who may and may not post to this forum. Just as the introductory panel says: For boys and men who dance.


If you are female, you have just walked into the Men's Room; perhaps it would be best to leave quietly, attracting as little attention as possible. If you are male but do not dance, and have no likelihood or desire to do so, you may not post to this forum. Posts from other than male dancers, students or professionals, will be summarily deleted, with no further explanation. If you are not in the dedicated group, and wish to comment on a topic shown here, open a thread on Cross Talk and post there.

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Update December 2020

After much discussion between the Moderation team, we wish to offer the following clarifications for the 'Men's Forum'.

The original intent and purpose of the Men's Forum was to firstly, group together related discussion topics to allow our forum to be easily accessible and create a comprehensive knowledge base.  Secondly, to allow a sub-sector of our Ballet community to have a space to discuss issues relating to their specific dance journey.  These principles are over arching throughout our entire Board where we have a number of restricted forums, and guidelines about where topics should appear and how they are organised. 

To that extent, we wish to clarify that the Men's forum is reserved for discussion on topics related to male classical ballet training and performing.  We feel it is important to recognise that regardless of gender or preferences, there is a standard training path for those wishing to undertake male roles in classical ballet, the same way there is a traditional training path for those wishing to undertake female roles in classical ballet. 

If a question can be addressed in another general forum, it should be placed there as per our regular policies.  Posters are asked to respect the general intention of each forum and only post first hand experience.  If you are in doubt of if you should post in a specific forum, please ask for clarification from a Moderator.

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