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RAD exam results


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DD is in her first year at a selective school where exams are a compulsory element of training, having come from a school where there were no exams. She has just received results for her RAD (Intermediate) and received a distinction with a mark of 92%, with three perfect 10s for technique! She has her first Cecchetti exam in six weeks and in October will take her Advanced 1 RAD.


I expected her to do quite well, as if she had been in an examination school she would have taken this exam a couple of years ago, but nevertheless, I am a proud mama! :)

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Hi DDTimes3 - yes, she really is. After a tough first term with a lot of adjustments to make second term was way better. She wrote a members profile for the Ausdance ACT newsletter about it if you'd like to have a read - it should be online

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Congralations for great marks in her first vocational exam :)

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Thanks Danceintheblood - I'll look for it. :) Glad she is settling in and has recovered from her injury - back, wasn't it ( if I remember correctly). Is she doing Sydney Eisteddfod at all?

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Yes, it was her back - a deranged disc that was originally misdiagnosed which led to further inflamation. No, she decided against doing the eisteddfod - she felt she had so much on her plate having to correct her upper body, working with an injury, preparing for her first exams and learning five parts for mid-year performance (Cinderella) that having to learn and perform classical and contemporary variations was just too much.


She is going to enter every scholarship opportunity she can next year and is starting to learn pieces this term - as she says, they will have time to become part of her muscle memory by next year. And hopefully her good results will help in her in developing a greater sense of self-belief which is a bit of a bug-bear for her.

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