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I can't find a ballet school!


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Hi! I have been looking for a pre-pro dance studio for this past summer and can't seem to find anything that would be able to give me the amount of hours that I would need! I live in florida near the palm beach area and I am able to drive anywhere for a good studio! Thanks for your help!!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Kara. :)


If you are in the Palm Beach area there are several very good schools with pre-pro programs. I would check out Ballet Florida, in WPB, and this school, in Palm Beach Gardens: http://www.fcbt.org/

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thank you so much for your help! But ballet Florida closed down and Florida classical ballet theatre only offers around 12 hours a week!!!:)

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Kara, check that again for FL Classical Ballet Theatre....they have a solid advanced level of students and a performing company. There must be more than that, at least on the advanced level. Call Colleen Smith and talk to her.


I knew that the company of Ballet Florida had to close, but I did not know that the school had closed too. That is very sad.

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Okay I deffintly will call her! Thank you so much! But have you heard of anything about palm beach ballet??

Thank you so much your a life saver:)

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Yes, the Palm Beach Ballet Center in Lake Park has a good reputation too. :)

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