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Kitri Variation help

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We are doing the Kitri variation today, but I am having problem with the hops right before the final chaine turns. I don't know why, but I just don't look right in it. The teacher said that not everybody's feet like these hops, because it's hard for some feet to pull back. But I don't feel that's my case. I am fine with other single leged hops, like the attitude hops happened earlier during the variation. And I have strong feet.

So, my question is, how to coordinate the hop and pas de cheval? And how to make it not so heavy? What are the common errors in these hops?


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Think of this - the pas de cheval in Don Q is accented on an UP beat, not down, and the brush of the pas de cheval is accented IN, rather like a frappé done in reverse. Try the step not en pointe, just flat, not even demi-pointe. So think up and in, not down and out!


And an additional thought - pas de cheval means "horse step". Have you ever seen a horse prance? That's what's being aimed for here.

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