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training in russian but thinking of balanchine programs....


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hello! i'm 15 and i am training to become a ballerina in the vaganova/ russian style. recently, i have been looking at summer programs for the summer of 2011 and have come across many balanchine schools that look very interesting. would it be a good idea to go to a completely different style academy at this age? any comments would help. thank you!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, asherinaballerina. :)


Doing a different style for a summer, especially one as different as Balanchine, should be discussed with your teachers. While it's not a bad thing to study different methods, and even different styles (like Balanchine), it really depends on where you are in your own training. I have students who would be fine doing this and some who would not.


I would like to ask you to please take some time and read, especially the "Sticky" threads, and learn how we work here. I moved your post to Young Dancers, as it was a question about you, and your training, and not about Professional Dancers and Companies. Also, we try very hard to write correctly here, as we have members from all over the world, many of whom speak English as a second language. So we try to use correct punctuation and capitalization. All sentences need to start with an upper case letter, as does the personal pronoun "I", no matter where it is in the sentence. Proper names, like Mr. Balanchine's for instance, need to be capitalized.

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