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Movies: Black Swan

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Here is a link to an article about a planned movie set in the New York City Ballet world.

A supernatural spine-tingling ballet movie from the director of "The Wrestler" and starring Natalie Portman? I'm excited! :)

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It does look very interesting, I'd certainly cough up some money to see that. But I do wish they had used an actual dancer instead of a big-name celebrity. And it seems a bit . . . unrealistic in terms of the ballet world. But then again, it is Hollywood and I don't exactly have any experience in NYCB. :wallbash:

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It sounds very interesting!! I guess we'll have to wait and see, huh?

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But I do wish they had used an actual dancer instead of a big-name celebrity.


Ms. Portman's biography information reveals that she has been in dance classes since age 4 and has trained in ballet, jazz, and tap. Given the places she grew up and her early dedication to the performing arts, I suspect her training was more than adequate. Her movement quality on screen certainly suggests dance training.


Not all accomplished young dancers go the company route. In her case, I would venture to say that she makes a more stable financial living as an accomplished movie star (who can dance) than she would as a dance company member. Perhaps she wasn't company material, perhaps she was, but from her biographical information, it looks that for whatever reason, she preferred the acting aspect of the performing arts she explored and was trained in.

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But I do wish they had used an actual dancer instead of a big-name celebrity.


Without the bankable star, the picture wouldn't get made. The producers want to make sure there is a return on their money, and having a star such as Portman increases the chances of that. The article states that the script has been tossed around since 2007. They still don't have a studio yet. Here's another article and picture of Ms. Portman wearing ballet slippers:



I'm sure when the project reaches production, they'll be using lots of pro ballet dancers - Aronofsky, the director, is big on that kind of reality. If you saw"The Wrestler", he used lots of real wrestlers in many scenes.

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Oh, of course the picture wouldn't be made without a celeb! I'm sure it will turn out fine on Portman's part. I should have checked and seen if she danced before commenting.

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Has anyone heard or read anything about the movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman? I think it is supposed to be a thriller - I will be interested to see how it portrays the ballet world.

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There was a whole thread on this movie this past winter or spring. It is a thriller - but beyond that I'm not sure anyone knows much. I recall looking it up on Yahoo and got a synopsis and some basic info.

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There is a current discussion about this movie on our sister site, BalletTalk. Click the link in the upper right hand corner of this page. :wink:

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My step-daughter is in this movie! She plays a co-dancer called Madeline who is jealous of Nina's (Natalie Portman's) talent. She didn't do any ballet training until she was at least fifteen, but studied quite intensively (though certainy not exclusively) whilst she was at college.

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