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Movies: Black Swan

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They always say "friends of so-and-so say.....". Yes there are people who will believe that NP is the real deal. So many people know so little about ballet. I know very little about ballet. However, even before starting my little journey into this world, the very little I knew, I could tell that it is hard work and requires very high skill. So, I think that most won't think that NP is a quallified dancer, and most won't care. However articulate Ms. Lane is, and no matter what she says, what her motivation is, by and large there was never any way to the general public this will look like anything other than sour grapes. I think she should have kept her mouth shut, imho.

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She is richer than most of us can imagine just from residuals from Star Wars, is pregnant, with her fiance. Has a Harvard education.


No matter which side of the issue we're on though, none of the quoted passage is a reason for Ms. Lane to have chosen not to speak up if she believed in her heart that she needed to. Ms. Lane has a life, is an intelligent young woman and has the ultimate career of HER choosing also. Nor should she make those decisions based on making fans upset or not. And this from someone who really sees both sides of the issue.


I may have erred on the side of the movie industry until they took part of that video away that showed how they did the trickery and when. When they published that video and then "took it back", that to me was when it became icky. I'll bet someone's job was lost after that was released and it was neither Ms. Portman's or Ms. Lane's. Thing is, none of this has made me want to run out and buy a copy of the movie. If I want to see a swan, I can find Swan Lake at many a ballet company in the fall.


trythis--you do know dance doubles were used in more than the last performance of Centerstage right? There were doubles in the classroom scenes also. That is the part most people missed.

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Call me pedantic, and I know this was several posts back, but I'm pretty sure it is our DISbelief that the filmmakers want us to suspend. :D

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Ms. Lane can speak out if she wants to. What I pointed out and highlighted above was in response to the quote about "Natalie's friends saying she feels X, Y, Z about the controversy." Natalie Portman is probably not thinking of any of this, and I went on to list the reasons. There is too much going on in her life and I imagine she has moved on. I know in her shoes, I would. But I could be wrong. That was why I wrote that, not to say for those reasons Ms. Lane should keep quiet. I personally, if in her shoes, would not have said anything--as long as I signed a contract and collected my paycheck, I would let it be. Hollywood and those involved in it would not be something I would want to challenge. But that's just ME.


My statement about the fans is true. Again, not a reason to NOT speak up if you really believe in the cause--but if you do speak up, and with the way the internet is, and the number of fans NP has, there is going to be backlash from them, as long as the story says out there and people keep paying attention to it.


Here's one more story that just came out about it (not mudslinging), which I thought was a nice interview:



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And there's so much more going on in OUR lives that I wish WE could move on. . . . . . :D


So 'much ado about nothing', so much 'sound and fury', so much bother about nothing. . . . . . (Sigh).


All of this only goes to show that it is the marketing folks who truly deserved that Oscar.

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All of this only goes to show that it is the marketing folks who truly deserved that Oscar.


Love it! :thumbsup:

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Hard to compare dance doubles for movies like Center Stage and Save the Last Dance with Black Swan because technology has changed. They replaced the face in Black Swan!


It's actually been done many years before. In 2008, that's 3 years before Black Swan at least, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button also replaced faces for the role of Cate Blanchett's character, also a ballerina. It's not a shocking thing at all.

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I'm pretty sure it is our DISbelief that the filmmakers want us to suspend. :thumbsup:


Oops. You're right. I think I ranted so hard and long that I completely make that mistake various times. Argh - my English is deteriorating rapidly now that I live out of the States!!!

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So is that what people were upset about? That they replaced faces? I assumed that was done even before all this controversy. That's why seeing the video about it, I didn't know what was the big deal.

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Mel Johnson

Let's stand back from this thread for a moment and consider: It's become a discussion about the discussion, which has always been a reason to conclude it. Otherwise, it will go on forever. Consider this aspect, and decide whether to keep this going, or not. The Moderators' consensus is that we should leave it to your own self-discipline, but I thought it best to point out what the thread has become.

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Here is yet another article from the Chicago Sun Times today.




I have been pretty neutral on this subject but this quote really bothers me...


"Portman’s friends say the actress is deeply hurt by the brouhaha, believing she is unfairly being targeted by disgruntled ballet fans unwilling to accept Portman was able to achieve near-perfection as a dancer after only a year of intense training and rehearsal."




The quote that stands out for me:


"On top of everything else, another Portman body double — acting student Caroline Davis — stirred the pot for a different reason over the weekend. Davis revealed it was she and not Portman who stripped naked and jumped into a freezing pool for a scene in the comedy “Your Highness.”


This really is becoming a media circus!


luceroblanco - thank you for the link to the Froman interview. It's good to read something that was written before all this. I'm always interested in hearing about the artistic vision of the director and choreographer and why certain choices were made in the final edit.

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I didn't read through all the pages of comments about this movie... and I've heard dancers express their dislike of this movie (I'm not sure what the average response here was since I didn't go through all 14 pages) but I really really enjoyed this movie. I love Swan Lake, I just all around enjoyed this movie.

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Which scene was it? She wears an amazing grey Jozette for Mirella during her scandalous after-hours practice with Vincent Cassel.

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PSB Ballerina

It's from the scene where she's hanging off the black bar, if you google "Black Swan Natalie Portman" it's the picture where she's wearing a white leotard and pink skirt, with one purple leg warmer, and she's crouching down hanging off a black bar...

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