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Movies: Black Swan

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Oh I have that one, actually. It's gorgeous, but it is a cotton blend so it's a bit thicker and probably won't last as many washings as a tactel/meryl type fabric. It's very flattering, but being thicker is something I like in a white leotard... less see-through. That particular leotard is: Natalie N8044, V-Back Professional Camisole. Uniquely, it has almost all my favorite features: seams, v front and v back. The only thing it's missing is a higher cut legline.


Here's a direct link: http://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_N8044.html?&pid=625&Shop=Color&&TopCat=LEO&ColorChoice=White&SID=458508700

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Uh oh! I mis-posted! I'm sorry, that's not the same leotard, albeit very similar. The leotard I posted has an under-bust seam (which is also very flattering on my body type... little to no chest). Her leotard is v-front and v-back with princess seams, but there is no seam under the bust. Almost exactly the same, and her leotard looks like it might not be cotton-blend. Sorry!

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I think the leotard in the picture might be closer to this one. It has the vertical princess seaming like the picture. It also has an under-bust seam that the Black Swan version doesn't have but I think the material might be closer.




I have just ordered both leotards in white (this one and the one LaFilleSylphide linked) for my DDs as they need a white camisole for summer intensive this year. We could have (and probably do have) a whole separate thread about white leotards. We're trying these two first to see if they work.

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Hmm... that's not it either. The mirella pinch front does not have a pinched v-back like the one she's wearing in the film. I went back to check my dvd and noticed the lovely cut of her leotard back during her "White Swan" variation in the audition. It might be the Natalie one from above with a scooped back or your Mirella one and the costume designer might've merely added a deep pinch in the back custom.

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