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Movies: Black Swan

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The Times (in UK) has a very positive review today. It hasn't been given a rating yet, but I imagine it will be 18. It is definitely not a film for children or impressionable adolescents!

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yes I would think so! I watched the trailer, and I have to admit, it kind of scares me!!!! :grinning: Looks very dark. Not sure I would allow either of my DD to watch it, so I'll just have to find out more info.

Off topic, but I think I would much rather go see Mao's Last Dancer....luckily it's here this weekend. I am hoping to go!

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The last time I looked up the movie, it had not been rated yet. It is rated R which means DD, not quite 14, will have to wait to see it. Depending on how scary it is, I might have to see it in the middle of the day. :grinning:

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I'll probably wait til the movie comes out on DVD to see it so I can fast-forward through the scary parts. I didn't realize that Winona Ryder is in the movie for a brief time.

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This movie is having its North American premiere at TIFF (Toronto) in just over a week. I think its gala is September 13. Single tickets go on sale tomorrow!


If I happen to make it to this movie (unlikely due to scheduling, but there's still an outside chance) I'll let you know what I thought of it. Plus there will probably be a lot more coverage of it in the next couple of weeks.

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That would be great gav!!! I (as I'm sure others as well) would love to hear some reviews when the time comes! :D

thank you!!!

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I saw at yesterday. I thought it was a great movie. I'm not sure how the ballet world will like it though.


Most of the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and they are predicting that Natalie Portman gets an Oscar for it.

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I would like to see Black Swan for the dancing - and it is not going to happen, according to my mom. :/ It is called a psychosexual thriller so I am pretty sure I am not going to argue with her on this one.


The corps is made up of dancers from Pennsylvania Ballet and the staging of Swan Lake is supposed to be beautiful. I read that Natalie Portman danced a lot in this, too - except in the scenes that required her to be on pointe for long periods of time, like all the wide shots. And Mila Kunis does dance a bit too, but I saw an interview where ssshe thinks pointe shoes have wood in the box, so I am pretty sure her dance scenes are by her double. :D


I am going to have to wait til I am 17 or see it with my mom on dvd if she agrees to that someday.

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I think I'm going to wait until I grow up to go see it too. :):thumbsup:


That's too funny about Mila Kunis.....I think you've pegged it- had to be a double!

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I would maybe urge caution over letting younger girls read some of the interviews, never mind watch the film. The actresses both talk about the diets they followed to get into the shape required for the roles, and they aren't exactly healthy.

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I'm sorry if I'm failing to understand the Whining? Dancing all day and getting paid BIG BUCKS - What's not to love?

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I just read an article in a german movie magazin, where Portman complains how hard everything was and that pointe would be torture...oh well, I think she's either too weak or had the wrong shoes. I really would like to see once in mylifetime a film where the part of the ballerina is done by a real ballerina...but I should stop complaining and see the film first :)

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Okay, I think I get it now. If a person doesn't love to dance, and obviously Ms. Portman doesn't because she gave it up for acting, then I guess one would look at it as "work". However, I'm just plain jealous!! Sheesh! All of that training, the opportunity to dance, dance, dance, and make big buck. Ah well...Hopefully I'll get to watch the movie.

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