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As coupee 66 states the cost is variable. Costs last year for my son who competed as a 15 y.o. so in the Senior Division were approximately: $90 x 2 = 180 for solos, one ensemble at $35, workshop $95 (I think). Those were just the YAGP fees. Then we had to pay the ensemble instructor (varied as to how many kids were dancing), travel/lodging for instructor divided by number of kids that instructor taught, costume fees were minimal as I made them and he was able to still use the ones I had made the year before. We did buy new shoes and tights. If you have to rent costumes it can get more expensive, however for boys tights/pants/shorts and a form-fitting t-shirt all work well. It just depends on the variation. In the regionals you only have to do one variation, but if you want to advance to NYC you have to get 95 or better on the classical variation. If going to NYC and they have only done one at the regional then they will need to have a contemporary ready for NYC. Private lessons are dependent upon his training so far, what variation he chooses and how much preparation he needs. We have class 6 days a week, except for summers and then have 2 private lessons weekly, can increase to 3 as competition nears. Fortunately our studio's private lesson fees are reasonable, but the cost still adds up. Add to that the cost of driving/airfare/hotel for at least 2 probably 3 nights. Last year going to Chicago the cost without private lessons included was approximately $600 give or take a few. We drove to Chicago and stayed at the recommended hotel which was reasonable. Add private lessons and the cost is over $1,000, above and beyond what you are paying for his classes. Then if he qualifies for NYC the big decision comes as to if you go on. NYC is a week, more YAGP fees, hotel, airfare, meals, etc. I forget how much that was the year before but probably around $2500.00. Ballet is not an inexpensive art as I am discovering as he progresses in age and ability. However, the things he is learning from it are priceless and the friends, connections he makes are invaluable.

This year we are lucky in that a regional is being held in our city, so we can drive, stay at home and save on all of those costs. It will just be the cost of preparation. I hope this helps, just remember that this is just an estimate based on my memory, but I hope it gives you an idea.

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My son attended YAGP the first year just to watch, the second to take workshops only. I don't know if this is still an option as it has been some years ago. He then competed in a group, then a Pas and a solo. He kind of worked his way up. His first year in NYC I seem to remember he only was in the group. It was a very good experience for him. He really enjoyed dancing with other young men. He met a bunch of people that he has remained in contact with through the years and also met AD's and that has been a good thing. We cut expenses by driving to competitions, I learned to make men's costumes, he did some stuff around studio to trade for private classes.

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