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Gadsden Community School for the Arts

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Just recently found this program, it's in association with Mary G Hardin Center for Cultural Arts.



It is an RAD school, and they recently hosted a workshop with ballet Magnificat.

Still looking into it, thought I'd list it here for further discussion.

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Ginniathezinnia--are you looking for somewhere to dance? You've listed a couple of programs recently but neither was in a information seeking type manner but rather just "here's a program I have not heard of". We do have forums where people can request information on programs in a specific area. But we do not really just list programs for the sake of listing programs especially when you have no first hand knowledge of the programs. If you are searching in a certain area or have first hand information about a specific program we welcome it.

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And I would prefer to find out about the school prior to having it listed in the Pre Pro/Residency Schools forum.

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Victoria Leigh, I tried to message you about it but it said your inbox was full.

I am currently looking for a school. Which forum are you referring to, Momof3darlings?

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Why ginnia..., it's the forum titled simply: Finding a Pre-pro Ballet school :toot: and it's right there on the main page where all the other forums are listed. :wub: Never from the way you were posting would anyone have known that you were asking others to comment on the schools if they had first hand knowledge. It appeared you were just posting schools you found for others to see should they need them.


So..........I'm gathering that from what you've now stated, coupled with prior posts, you're looking from B'ham outward and are willing to drive an hour since you've brought up schools in Birmingham and Gadsden. Your question should be: "Ballet schools near Birmingham (which there already is a thread) and you can then add that you'd like info on schools within X hours drive from B'ham within the B'ham post which will bump it up for people who know the area. If you, however, are looking for schools to teach in. This is not the proper place for that.


Ms. Leigh asks that you use the Contact Us link rather than pm.

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