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3/4 Sleeve Leos

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Hello all,

I have been searching and searching but I have not been able to find the "right" leotard for me. I would specifically like a 3/4 sleeve leo (the kind with the sleeves hitting ABOVE the elbow) that's made of lycra/spandex (I sweat alot and cotton eventually gets pretty funky, if you know what I mean). I've seen those "smart" leos with anti-microbial/ sweat-wicking fiber in short sleeve leotards but not in 3/4 sleeves. Can anyone help me with websites/ dancewear companies I can check out?

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NY dancewear has several in different fabric. I googled 3/4 sleeve leotard in an image search, and found a bunch. I can't tell you anything about them as I have no 3/4 leos, but I do have Bal Togs leotards in the same fabric, and it does stay pretty dry. I tend to like Tactel and Meryl blend leotards.

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3/4 sleeve for what it's worth, unless I'm misunderstanding you, hits below the elbow. It's mid-forearm type length. There's a decent selection of those! But I too would be interested in something that has a longer short sleeve.

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Hi, you might want to have a look at allaboutdance.com I bought mine from there mine comes to above the elbow, but that may just be because I have quite long arms :shrug:

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On the Russian Pointe website, there is a Repetto leotard with the 3/4 sleeves that come up above the elbow. I don't recall what material it is though.

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On my search, I clicked on images that were above the elbow, or at least looked like it in the thumbnail.

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Thanks all for the suggestions. There is a Natalie 3/4 that I think I will buy for the Fall. The material is spandex and "sueded" nylon. I don't know if I've ever seen "sueded" nylon before, but as long as it is not cotton. I wish Capezio's Dancelogic leos also came in 3/4 sleeves. I think that would be great for us really sweaty "ballerinas!" I've seen some that contain "tactel," does anyone know what type of material this is?


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Another synthetic fiber, I recall having some Danskin leos in tactel, very soft/light weight/breathable/dries quickly. Less likely to get funky :angry:

(I'm also super-sweaty so I totally understand, sleeved leos are the absolute worst about that)

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