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More Ways To Improve Extension


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What is a good way to improve the extension of a leg (front, side, arabesque)? Are there any specific ways to learn how to control your extension when you are holding it and when it is by itself? I want to get even better with my extension since i can already make it go past 90 degrees but what are better ways to hold it in the air longer than 5 seconds? Thanks!

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Five seconds is really a pretty long time to hold the extension. Physical maturity and strength will help. You should be getting things in class to help this.

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Ok thank you! I was just looking for more advice or exercises I could do on my own.

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Flexibility exercises, like splits, for instance, need to be done when completely warmed up. We do not advise young dancers to do these at home unless you are advanced enough to know how to properly warm up first. Some of the other stretches should be done only in class when very warmed up and with a teacher watching to see that you maintain alignment and do not displace the hips or roll the knees.

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