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Decorating Pointe Shoes


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Slightly random, but I am going to Virginia School of the Arts for school next year. I wanted to leave my two best friends something to remember me by, so I was thinking about decorating some of my old pointe shoes for them to have or something. Any tips/websites on cool ways to decorate pointe shoes?

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Molly, there are several pre-existing threads on decorating pointe shoes. So you might run a search while you are waiting.

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I used to decorate my pointe shoes for shows all the time. A great way to begin is to get a fabric marker from any fabric or art store... they are bound to have at least one. Then once you have your color, you follow the fabric of your pointe shoe. You can check to see how it is by running your finger along it horizontally and vertically. Remember, some shoes have different directions of fabric on the top and bottom. The same goes with the ribbon. Don't color the sole of the shoe. It tends to look silly. Hope this helps with what you are doing! Oh and by the way fabric markers aren't that expensive. You can buy a whole set of colors and they all are great and last a long time but if you are going to use one color, buy two of the same so you don't run out. Best of luck!



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I love decorating my old pointe shoes :). I usually get some fabric markers and come up with a color theme. I like to buy sequins and glue them the platform, it adds sparkle and looks cute. You have to use strong glue, though. If you want to be really creative, you can make a design with the sequins. Whatever you do, I'm sure your friends will be exremely thrilled! Have fun!

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