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Costume ideas!

Ballet Andie

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I'm doing my school's Jr. Miss, and my talent is going to be ballet. My music is the medora from Don Q, and I have made the dance a little bit Spanish.


The only thing that I'm having issues with is coming up with a costume. My studio does have a Spanish costume, but it doesn't fit me. I also don't want to buy a Spanish costume for $300 if I'm only going to wear it once.


I wanted to wear a table-top tutu, and I know my studio has white ones, and maybe a black one somewhere.


Any ideas? And do you think that I should stick with red and black, or should I branch out a bit?

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Hi, Andie, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :sweating:


medora from Don Q




Medora is the heroine in Le Corsaire. Kitri is the heroine in Don Quixote, not that it matters much, as the music for both ballets is "musique dansant", and is rarely identifiable with any particular ethnic group. For Spanish atmosphere, maybe there would be castanets, but that's really about it.


Since you're dancing whatever variation out of context, there's no framework for anybody to hang onto, so wear what looks good on you.

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It's not really a variation, just a bit of music from the ballet.


Thank you so much for the help! I'll go through my studio's costume closet and see what works for me.

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If you are just using the music, then I agree with Mel Johnson- wear something that you like and that looks good on you! Don Q does have a distinctive Spanish sound though, so I think something with a little bit of Spanish flair would work really well... a plain black or red leotard with a black tutu or skirt and a big flower in your hair would be super easy and look nice... Good luck finding a costume and with the performance!

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I know that you can buy cute cheap costumes off of discountdancesupply.com.

Hope that helped you.

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Melissa, the last post on this thread was almost a year ago, so, I think that your idea was just a bit too late.

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