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From reading this board, I know we are in a common situation. I am looking for some advice to supplement my 11 year old daughter's dance schedule. We are about an hour away from a large, very reputable school. Because of logistics and my daughter's bond with her current school we will not be moving at least for another year. Her classes are taught by a wonderful teacher who has a rich background, I am confident that my daughter is getting correct technique. The problem is the number of classes offered and I need some advice on how to supplement during the school year. My DD attended a SI at Joffrey South, and took additional classes at Orlando Ballet School this summer. For next year her schedule is:

Mon: Ballet and Pointe 4:30 to 6:30

Tues: Jazz and Modern 5:00 to 6:40

Thurs: Ballet 5:20 to 6:40

She could take a ballet class at a lower level and we have the opportunity to do at least one private per week. What do you think?

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Summerlake, my problem with current schedule is that she has only two ballet classes a week and is on pointe. She really needs a minimum of 3 technique classes, plus the pointe work. Can you get her to Orlando once a week for now? More often would be better. In fact, certainly by next year, totally there would be best.

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