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Festival in Montreal


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cakers, while I can understand your frustration, I must say I believe your blame and apparent belief that you are being wronged is misplaced. Over the years, I have had occasion to participate in many group and national activities that came together for a large congregation: puppeteer conferences, diving meets, diving championships, attorney conferences and seminars, CASA conferences, costumer workshops and seminars. There are always 'recommended' hotels with discounts for participants----but there are always limits to the number of rooms available at that 'discounted' participant price. There are usually a couple hotels listed, and not all carry a discounted participant price.


Sometimes there is a learning curve as to when to book. For example, the first time my daughter qualified for the National Diving Championships, we found that all the hotel 'discounted' rooms had been booked by the time the Sectionals event had taken place a month or so before. So, next time, we learned and booked our rooms on faith that she'd make the qualifications at Regionals.


So, I truly believe venting and blaming the RDA is misplaced. You and your company are simply on a learning curve. I see nothing sinister, unfair, or untoward going on here. As previously explained, hotels simply are not going to release/book all their rooms to one event at discounted prices.


Please try to chill on this one and enjoy the experience and event.

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I have never posted before, but I feel very strongly about this. I know that many people look at this trip and see all the money that must be raised and school that will be missed. However, when you really think about it, what a wonderful educational opportunity for our dancers this is! To be able to visit a city like Montreal and meet people from all over the nation. This is education at its finest. My daughter and her friends cannot wait to arrive! She has already been studying French in order to be better prepared. We look at it as an educational opportunity and not just a time to go dance and have fun. I only wish that I could go with her. :)

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redrose, isn't that an excellent point! At first I was of course concerned about the expense. But now that I have resigned myself to the fact that she will be going, I am so excited that my DD gets to go and have this experience! I am sure she will meet some great people, and probably see a lot of dancers she knows from over the years. And I am sure the teaching will be amazing and something she will never get to experience again. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for sure.

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Is there any information as to what professional companies/schools with a professional company attached will be at RDA National Festival in Montreal?

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Kathleen Sinclair

As of today representatives the following professional companies will be attending:

Houston Ballet


PNB (may be in attendance)

Royal Winnipeg

Les Grande Ballet

National Ballet of Canada

Ballet Jazz Montreal

Ballet Kelowna

Cirque du Soleil

Charleston Ballet Theatre


I will post updates as commitments are made.

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That's great to know Ms. Sinclair! Thank you for the update! :yes:

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Kathleen Sinclair

Final faculty list for the Montreal Festival:


David LaHay - Ballet, Ballet Kelowna

Deborah Hess - Ballet, National Ballet of Canada

Frank Augustyn - Ballet, Adelphi University

Christine Claire - Ballet, École superieure de ballet du Québec

Pierre LaPointe - Ballet, Les Grandes Ballet Canadiens

Tatiana Tchernova - Ballet, National Ballet of Canada

Johnny Chang - Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Robert Desrosiers - Modern, Independent Choreographer

Christina Bodie - Modern, BJM

James Gregg - Modern, BJM

Brett Taylor - Modern, BJM

Stephen Findley - Jazz, Quinte Ballet

Rick Tja and Nicole Lamontagne - Contemporary, Cirque du Soleil

Artists from Cirque du Soleil - Clowning and Pantomime


And the five adjudicators:

Lyn Wiltshire (U of Texas, Austin) - Modern

Leslie Crockett (Marin Ballet) - Ballet

Jon Cristofori (Ballet Yuma) - Ballet

Jill Bahr (Charleston Ballet Theatre) - Ballet

Rosine Bena (Sierra Nevada Ballet) - Ballet

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Kathleen Sinclair

The adjudications are over and the programming is set for the RDA National Festival 2012. Let's post about our experiences and the excitement of what is in store!


My company, Ballet Yuma, will be performing on Saturday night. Our adjudicator, Jill Eathorne Bahr, chose the ballet "Vicissitude”: choreography by Joseph Jefferies, music by J.S. Bach, costumes designed by Grant Spencer, GTLS Designs and light design by the wonderful Bill Kickbush. My dancers are excited to travel to Montreal and experience a new and different culture along with taking master classes with some of Canada's finest teachers/directors.


Hope to see some Ballet Talk people there!!

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We are getting excited about the trip that is coming soon! DD has never been out of the country, and she's really looking forward to having class with some great teachers!

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Temps de cuisse

My company is excited to attend.....I was in Montreal last fall and it is a beautiful city, very European in flavor and waiters with wonderful French accents!

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I have been watching our dk's practice the flash mob.. very cute. I think our DK's were glad to know what piece they would dance earlier so they did not have to keep rehearsing all the "possibilities" in anticipation of the festival. Very much looking forward to visiting Montreal too!

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One week and counting. DD has been sidelined for much of this year due to injuries ... but so excited to be coming back, and just in time to attend the national festival. We're still approaching the week with caution and DD knows not to push to hard while she's there. It's just so wonderful to see her sparkle again. This should be a wonderful experience for all!

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DD getting ready and organizing packing!

I was wondering if anyone could answer a question regarding the colleges/conservatories in attendance - perhaps Ms. Sinclair?

Can you tell me how the colleges are being worked into the festival? Are they holding classes? Do they just have booths set up? I was wondering because of the sign up sheet involved.

Thank you!

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Kathleen Sinclair


The college recruiters will be at each region's audition classes as well as observing the HS juniors in their regular festival classes. Each recruiter will have a list of the dancers showing interest in their program. The HS juniors that signed up will be wearing a special badge that will easily identify them. There will be college roundtable discussions with the college representatives scheduled for all days except Saturday.

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