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How do you audition?


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Im just 13 and at a pre-professional school (and on pointe) but I've been curious about auditioning for a professional company, what is the average age to audition to companys like ABT, San Fransisco Ballet, Houston Ballet, etc.? Also, If you audition after high school (that is what I've heard) is going to college not an option? I know there are places like Julliard where it is a preforming arts college, but then after that would you be to old to audition to major ballet companies? I don't understand where college plays in to all of this if it does at all.. Please help answer my questions if you could :)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Masha. :)


Most dancers who are aiming for a professional career in ballet, and have both the talent and the training to be close to company ready when they graduate from high school, will start the auditioning process during their senior year. These days the most common route into a company is through either a Trainee, Second Company, or Apprenticeship with a company. Sometimes it will take some post graduate time in the company school, too.


The college route can be done, but, in ballet it's usually better to go the dance route first, since college can wait and ballet cannot. There are, however, dancers in lots of companies who have waited until college graduation. Some companies also have an affiliation with a college so that their dancers can take some courses while they are working with the company. They would not be able to take a full college load, of course, so getting a degree would take a good bit longer.


Of course there is no law against going to college for a year or two, as long as you are dancing as much as you would be in a very good pre-pro program, and then auditioning. This would require being accepted to one of the better college ballet programs.

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Ohhh, Thank you so much! I've been so curious about these questions. Thank you for helping me! :)

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