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Ballet Talk for Dancers to close ×
Ballet Talk for Dancers

Yeah for recreational ballet school!


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I have complained about our little home dance studio on this blog before so I want to give kudos in equal measure.


I've told the SO that this will probably be the last year for DD at her studio. She is starting her 6th year there. She started taking some ballet classes at a pre-professional school this summer and has thrived. She also took the summer ballet class at her home studio this summer and boy have they noticed the difference.


DD wants to stay one more year because she wants to compete one more year and savor her last year with her friends.


We got the Fall schedule and told the SO that DD will be taking Ballet 2 and Ballet 3. The divisions are based on how many years you have been with the studio and your technique. But this is more a recreational studio. Only a few girls are on pointe, class sizes top out at 10. There is only one Ballet 2 and Ballet 3 class a week.


To try to get my DD up to speed, (she is starting pointe this Fall), I asked for a private lesson to ensure she gets at least 3 technique classes per week. She will also be doing a ballet solo for competition so that will up the hours a bit.


My SO gave me a significant discount on the private class and suggested that the class be taught on an alternating basis by her and the 2 other teachers at her studio to give her the benefit of all the teachers' experiences. She also invited my DD to be student assistant to the Ballet 1 and pre-Ballet class. She said she hopes that my DD would keep in touch with her throughout her dance career and is very happy for her.


I can't tell you how much this means to my DD. She has fluctuated between excitement, to dread, to depression about the thought of leaving and now she is so excited about being invited to come back and keep in touch. She feels that her home studio is rooting for her to move on and up.


How great is that! :)

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Curandera: This is "Super Great!" This is the kind of care we hope for for our children. Both the student and the studio benefit from this even handed and loving response. My guess is that your honesty and forthrightness with the studio did also impact the quality response to your daughter's needs.

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