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When it is recommended that an upper level pre-professional dancer be taking pointe class following technique class, how much time is considered necessary? For instance, after a 1 1/2 hour technique class, is 1/2 hour of pointe sufficient? Also, if hour long classes designated as "pointe" are only offered twice a week, is it sufficient to make up for a non-daily pointe class by taking those other technique classes on pointe, if the teacher permits?

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please bump...To reword more succinctly :), how many days of pointe following a technique class should an upper level dancer be taking? If there are less pointe classes than ideal, is it possible to make up for that by taking the technique classes on pointe?

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Optimally, the dancer still-in-training will be having at least 1/2 hour directly after technique classes 6 days per week. Most unfortunately, that does not happen everywhere, so yes, taking technique class en pointe may be the only option to get in more work.

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You're welcome! I think best case scenario would be an hour long class after every technique class 6 days a week when she's in the upper levels, but many schools do an hour long class 3 or 4 times per week, and then encourage their kids to wear pointe shoes in technique class.

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