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Recommendations needed for non-shiny tights!

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Hi all,

I'm looking for recommendations for adult dance tights that either contain a low percentage of Spandex/nylon (is there such a thing as mostly cotton tights with a little spandex?) or otherwise don't end up with that shiny finish that I loathe. I'm tall (5'10") and have trouble finding tights that fit well as it is...usually what I find is that the 'big' sizes are long enough but too wide/baggy and the 'just below big' sizes are too short/end up very stretched, which lets that horrid spandex finish shine out even more than usual!


I've been wearing cotton leggings (with booty shorts or a skirt) but would like to find some actual tights (footless or convertible, preferably) for more formal classes (ballet). Is there such a thing as tights with a matte finish? Any info would be most appreciated...thanks!

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I have some length issues too and am only 5'7.5" so I can imagine the frustration! Have you found tights that have Supplex in them to give that shiny effect as well? Those have that sort of sueded-cotton-feel that's more matte than shiny I think. But even leggings that stretched out too far can give that sheen.. I can't imagine those type of tights being baggy (I associate that more with the mesh types), but my legs aren't super slender either.

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I've not had any experience with Supplex but your description sounds like something I'll definitely look into...thanks! :) Any particular brand that I should look for?

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Lots of the brands have it, if you search for Supplex on http://www.discountdance.com for example, it'll return a good variety.

Personally I have a couple pairs of Body Wrappers Supplex TotalSTRETCH types that I like, in the reviews people do mention it's good for tall gals as well! :)

Upon further inspection, I think my pink tights of that brand are very matte and the black is more matte than compared to something like Capezio Hold and Stretch which I also have. The Supplex/Tactel stuff also tends to be softer feeling and quite stretchy. Hope you can find some that you like!

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For what it's worth, I've been very happy with M Stevens tights, both the milliskin (nylon) and the cotton/poly. The men's cotton/poly is quite matte to my eye (milliskin is not - I tell my wife it's my Captain Shinypants outfit!)


In cotton/poly both men's and women's are only available in black or white so if you really need pink you will be looking at a dying project. Nylon is easy enough to dye but there are issues with blends - the lycra can't take heat, and polyester is very difficult to dye at all, so I expect you'll wind up dying just the cotton. There's a forum here where the costumers hang out and they are knowledgeable and generous - I'd bet they have some good ideas.


I don't know if the men's and women's are of different weight or different cut - men's tights are usually heavier but M Stevens does a lot of unisex stuff.

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Thanks for the great suggestions...I will venture out into the internet to buy some tights armed with this info and will report back :)

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Just wanted to follow up on my findings and to say thanks again for all the info that commenters provided. My favorite new non-shiny tights are now the Capezio Mesh Transition Tight...mesh, convertible, not at all shiny(!), flattering, and robust to wear and wash (so far). The have a mock seam in the back, which I like, and fit very well...not too tight or too baggy, and hold their shape (I handwash or wash on delicates cycle in a lingerie bag and then hang to dry). I have Black and Classical Pink and like them both. The pink is bright in the package, but looks much more subdued when it's on and the color fades just enough upon washing to be the perfect ballet pink (I loathe pink but can put up with this one, so that's saying a lot!). I am quite slim but also tall, so I got the LXL size and it fits very well (quite stretchy).

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