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How do we know?


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Depends on the nature of the feedback. If it's class and technical advice, you're a memory aid, little more. If it's careers advice, then you have a real part to play. Let's not forget who the student is in this scenario.


In my mind, the question is not whether the student should be there; it's the parent!

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Thanks Mr. Johnson. I meant if one is asking whether the dancer has potentional for a professional career -- would an instructor feel free to be frank with the student present?

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Victoria Leigh

It depends on the age of the child, even though it's rarely a 'yes she has' or 'no she has not' situation. If the student is a teenager, I would want to be honest in terms of what she/he needs to work on and the realistic potential for achieving it. However, I would not discuss absolutes with student and/or parent. Also, there are times when I feel that a teen dancer is not ready for realism. If the parent asks for a meeting, and I feel it would benefit the student to be there, fine. In most cases I do feel that way. But if I think the student will not benefit from hearing what the parent wants to know, then not fine. Still, I would deal in odds, not in absolutes. 'Never' and 'can't' are not good words to use! (In classes I do not allow the use of the word 'can't'! I tell them it's a four letter word. :jump:)

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That is a very wise way to handle it, Ms. Leigh, and I hope that if I ever get the courage to ask for that kind of feedback, the instructor would be as sensitive.

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