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White leotard suggestions, please.


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DD now needs a white leotard and a white skirt for one class per week. She is too tall and long for Mirella. She likes Capezio, so I could go with their princess seamed white cotton. Natalie works well for her, too, and I saw one she may like at DDS.


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Try motionwear.com. They offer all their styles in long torso and in different materials and most styles come in white. They also have the skirts. The leos are about $38.50 each, but they last for years!!

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I second the Motionwear suggestion. My dd had to purchase the Motionwear white leo and skirt for a performance, and she liked it enough that she wore it a lot at her SI.

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They are great! DD uses them in black for her regulation leotard and loves them so much we have ordered them in a variety of colors.

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Don't know if Balera carries a white leotard, but my DD who is very long-waisted loves their camisole leotard. And so do I because they are very reasonable - most of the time on sale around $12-15! And they do come with lining for the light colors at least. They also always seem to have every color imaginable, so I'm sure they have white. Good luck!

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Has she ever tried SoDanca leos? I'm not sure if they offer a tall or not, I can check. They have some absolutely gorgeous ones this season and a couple because of the way they drape over the bust are actually triple lined there.

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Also, the Motionwear cotton leos are fully lined on the entire front, not just the bust which looks very bright and color consistent on stage.

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Thanks for all the responses, ladies! She loves Balera, and because they are local, we can try them on. I know they only have two styles in white, and we'll probably go try them tomorrow. She hasn't tried Motionwear in a long time, but after looking at them on line I remember that was one she used to hate. It's been some time, so they may fit her much nicer now. Believe me, it's all about the picky! I'm sure you all go through the same things.


She's never tried SoDanca or Sansha, and I didn't know Mirella made a medium-long. I'll have to check those out. She is almost 5'8" and it seems like something is wrong with every leo she tries.


This is a brand new requirement and so I'm rushing around trying to find something. She was joking that she'll have to learn how to tie a skirt again since she hasn't worn one in 6-7 years!

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FYI, the Mirella medium-longs are only available in five styles - M201L, M207L, M210L, M407LM, and 515L.

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Thanks, again, to all those who have helped. So many of these leos are cute, but would never be allowed at my DD's school :) However, I have many ideas and I thank you all!

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