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Nice knees?


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When I was younger, all my ballet teachers told me I had really nice knees. Does anyone know what this means? I've always wondered, but never asked. Have you ever been told you have nice knees?

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CaVaBallet, I have not ever heard that before. The only way to know is to ask the person who said it.

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Knees are such complex things, even when you speak non-medically, there's a lot to comment on!

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That's definitely a good idea. All these years I've been wondering, I should've just asked.

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I dont really want to start a new topic, on the same topic so here goes, and I hope that this matches your topic, otherwise please feel free to delete this post :D


When I stand in first position my knees sort of knock together and stop my legs from coming all the way next to each other even when I am turned out soo my feet dont touch in first. Can anyone help? Maybe I am doing something wrong?


Oh yes! I nearly forgot to add that somedays I can acheive a first and other days not, its completely random

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First of all, balletiseverything, how old are you? It is not unusual for children to have "knock knees", which could prevent the heels from meeting in first position. However, hyperextended legs would also cause the same problem, as could incorrect alignment and balance point. As we said to the original poster here, your teacher can see you and we cannot, so you need to ask about the shape of your legs and the reason why the heels don't meet. After you do this, please come back and tell us what your teacher said. That will help us to help you a lot more.

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