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i am short..


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I am a 15 yr old that is considering a career is musical theater/dance. I am doing every show and taking every class (so i am getting very good). However, being 5'5" i do not come close to the traditional male ballet dancer's height. My parents aren't tall either so I doubt i will grow much more (but praying for it). I know dancers like Baryshnikov have done it (but how could you begin to compare to him?) Is there a need for shorter male dancers in the professional ballet/dance world?

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Sure, bobo. There are quite a few shorter dancers around these days, and some of them are making big news, like Herman Cornejo and Daniil Simkin of American Ballet Theatre. Besides, you're only 15; you have some growing left to do, so eat your spinach! One thing about being outsize on one end of the stature range or the other, you have to be really good, so that you can always be a soloist. :wink:

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You're still young there is a chance that you may add some inches later in your life. I have known several persons who got taller in HS and college.

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