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Adult schools in Austin/Travis County TX?


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I'm getting tired of the political garbage in my state (I work for the state), the horrible pay coupled with the cost of living in my area. My old work partner and a good friend of mine is moving to Travis county (about a mile south of Lake Travis), he and his family has invited me to join him and to also help him start another franchise down there for contertop refinishing.

I'm overqualified and stagnant with my medical position here and down there I can be truly used for my skills, let alone I can double my salary at least and couple that with a considerably decreased cost of living it makes out to be a pretty good deal.


I've been seriously considering moving down there as well, but I need to recover from my surgeries, settle my work comp case and most importantly make sure that my parents will be fine as they are retiring this year before I even go down to finalize my decision.

One of numerous things to consider is what schools are in the area that have an adult beginner (Basic II) classes that wouldn't mind a male joining.

I've been in class about a year now after a 28 year break. I take about 3 hours of Ballet both French and Cecchetti, an hour of character and an hour of a Pilates every week.


While I've come a long way in the past year, I still have a long way to go. You know that head to body connection doesn't work as well when we were younger :)


If you have any suggestions, first hand or other connections please feel free to let me know. If I do go, I don't see it happening for a while (legal cases take time) and I'm not sure if I need another fusion yet.

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The Austin area is gorgeous, I miss it so much.


Check out Tapestry: https://www.tapestry.org/index.php?pid=146 who has excellent adult classes (and not too far from the Lake Travis area, depending on what part of that area you live in...)


Ballet Austin used to have adult classes, but I couldn't find them online. They are further from the Lake Travis area.

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Ballet Austin has a ton of classes and a gorgeous pilates studio with a number of options of class size and level.


There's also Dance Institute out in the 2222/360 area that is relatively new but I've heard good things.


Welcome to Austin :(

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