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questions about training en pointe (as opposed to flat)


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At my school, we have a very rigorous schedule (four classes a day: technique and pointe in the morning (1.5 hrs. each) and technique and pointe in the evening (1.5 hrs. each)). I am in the top pre-professional level, and we are expected to dance the majority of the schedule en pointe (although there is no specific designation). Pointe class varies from a straight pointe class, to variations, to repitiore, to pas, or a combination of pointe and variations, and in technique class, center is always en pointe. My question is about barre. Should I be doing barre en pointe? I do this occasionally, but am unsure if this is something I should always be doing. Will this be over kill on my feet? Are there some benefits of flat that I could be missing out on? I occastionally do barre en pointe, but I guess am just wondering if I should be doing this more regularly.

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Different teachers have different thoughts on this, Jess. I do not care for barre in pointe shoes, as I feel that one learns to articulate the feet, and build strength through using the floor, in soft shoes. Since you are doing SO much pointe work, I really do not think that doing the barre of your technique classes en pointe would be the best for you. But, that is just my opinion.

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That definately makes sense! and is encouraging to hear, because I'm not quite sure how long my feet would hold up doing that that much more and with rehearsals! I think I will keep my barre on flat :thumbsup:

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